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Collecting resources and research will prove to parents, donors, and collaborators that you are serious about starting your micro-school, and they will be more likely to join or help you. Micro-School Coalition resources will include other authors’ blogs, articles, books, etc. We want you to have resources at your fingertips and a cohort model of collaboration through the process.

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We will build this list with the help of our directory schools, collectively growing this list of resources available to support micro-schools. Many resources are price-friendly tools for your likely humble start-up budget. We want you to have resources at your fingertips and a cohort model of collaboration through the process.

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Microschools are popping up around the country. It may not come as a surprise that schools of 15 to 150 students are easier, cheaper and faster to open.

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It’s time to REIMAGINE EDUCATION and your children’s experience with school. For a lot of kids, school is a friggin disaster. If they don’t fit in the middleoftheroad lane, then sometimes they have no other OPTIONS.

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Creating Micro-Schools for Colorful Mismatched Kids

A Step-by-Step Process that Empowers Frustrated Parents to Innovate Education

A few years ago, a parent at our founding school, LEADPrep, laughingly described our kids pouring out into the parking lot as happy mismatched socks. That definition that describes our unique and wonderful kids has stuck.

To support more communities in building a micro-school, our founder has written a how-to micro-school guidebook in three parts: The first tells of the need for more options for students. The second provides seven steps to opening a micro-school. The third part tells how our very own LEADPrep followed those seven steps and opened its doors.

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Online Micro-School Directory

The MSC Directory is a list of existing micro-schools and small alternative schools. This online tool is a resource to those courageously beginning their own micro-school, a support to existing micro-schools, and a place prospective families can look for potential schools.

Micro-School Action Plan Outline

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Available coaching in a cohort or individually

With the synergy of the group, and step-by-step support, this collaborative training program can help innovators meet the goal to open their own micro-schools. A free initial consultation is a good place to start. Let’s talk about your vision and see what you need for support.

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